How To Write A Good Consumer Electronics User Review

As an online writer, you are expected to be able to write articles on various topics including electronic product reviews. Thousands of consumer electronics are sold every day and product reviews help consumers find which product to purchase. Hence, positive responses from both experts and users help manufacturers increase their sales. Consumers want to get comprehensive information about the features, rating, price, and other things related to a particular product. Unfortunately, most reviews just don’t provide enough reliable information, especially if they are not written by experts. Here are some tips on how to write a good consumer electronics user review:

Be objective when reviewing a product. Many people give 1-star rating for certain items just because they have bad experience with the merchant who sells the products. For example, they say that the LCD television sold by a particular merchant is bad just because it takes 2 days for the merchant to reply their email. Remember that you are reviewing the product and not the vendor.

Be unbiased in your opinions. Nowadays, it is not unusual for people to blow things out of proportion to boost the popularity of the product or to attack the competitors. And since consumer electronics industry is a highly competitive industry, it is now wonder that some manufacturers even pay writers to create fake reviews about their products to increase their sales. Therefore, it would be great for you to write a product review based on your personal observation.

Write the specific things about the product. When writing a review about a particular digital camera, try to highlight the special features that the camera has to offer such as miniature effect, image stabilizer, high speed processor, etc. If the camera lacks contrast or optical zoom, you can write about this too. Avoid writing information that is too general, such as “an excellent camera with reasonable price.”

It would be great if you can make a comparison between one product and another product of the similar type. When writing a review about a smart phone, for example, you can compare 2 different brands or 2 different models of the same brand, based on your experience. You can talk about how the two smart phones fare in terms of operating system, design, entertainment features, internet capability, etc.

Keep your review short to attract reader’s attention. Short review that informs reader about the essential points of the product will get much attention from online readers.